My thoughts from Russia-Ukraine Invasion

Tong Su (Unsplash)

Spiral of Silence Theory

This theory makes an attempt to explain how public opinion is formed. It simply explains how individuals tend to remain reticent when they feel that their views or opinion is in the minority to avoid being socially isolated.

Agenda-Setting Theory

This theory posits that the media determines what issues are important and should be discussed in society. They filter diverse news contents and determine which should be made on the agenda of discussion in the society.

Uses and Gratifications Theory

This theory tries to explain what individuals use the media for, why they use it, and how they use it to gratify their needs. In order words, individuals select a particular media that soothes their views.

Cultivation Analysis

George Gerbner, Professor George Gerbner, one of the foremost communication theories postulated this theory. The theory asserts that television has a powerful effect on viewers and it is responsible for shaping their social reality and eventually culture, although this effect could be gradual and subtle.



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Abigail Olajire

Abigail Olajire


A communication researcher with a keen interest in the media and developmental policies that has the propensity to spur growth