What’s the significance of a Hashtag?

I am writing this article purposely few months after the one year anniversary of the #ENDSARS protest. And I must state here that I support in entirety the fight against police brutality.

But as I spend some time reading and observing the antecedents surrounding…

The quick access to the internet has made texts, images, and popular music effortlessly accessible, shareable through diverse downloadable and viewing links. Consequently, this has further amplified copyright infringement cases across the world.

I have recently studied two major copyright infringement case studies covered by the media and they have…

I published an article a few weeks ago that discusses the two ‘reporters’ of the news — professional and citizen journalists. But this article is attempting to answer some other questions- Who really determines the stories that make the headlines, and what role has technology played in dictating this? …

But the Onus Lies on Us to Take Responsibility

If there’s one thing the media are currently ‘circumspect’ about in our dispensation, it would be the concept of citizen journalism. Even researchers have acknowledged the fact that Citizen Journalism has disrupted the news-media ecosystem ‘challenging the veracity and representativeness of information flowing from mainstream news-media newsrooms’.

Before now, the…

Abigail Olajire

A budding researcher with a keen interest in the media and developmental policies that has the propensity to spur growth

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