Imagine having a conversation with your friend and he’s been doing the talking for over 30 minutes. How boring and frustrating! That’s not communication. It’s simply information dumping. Communication requires exchange of information or ideas. There must be an exchange and understanding.

The lack of it or its misuse is the genesis of many marriage divorces, inter-tribal war, missed opportunities, failed development efforts, misinformation (rampant on social media), avoidable conflicts, mistrust, broken company culture to mention a few.

Further, communication is regarded as effective if it is participatory. An author even noted that participation is at the core of any

I published an article a few weeks ago that discusses the two ‘reporters’ of the news — professional and citizen journalists. But this article is attempting to answer some other questions- Who really determines the stories that make the headlines, and what role has technology played in dictating this? It tries to challenge the notion that the traditional media still have greater agenda setting effects than online media.

First, let’s talk about how the news gets to your television or radio box. We’ll use a ghastly motor accident scene. As soon as the update gets to the media house, a…

But the Onus Lies on Us to Take Responsibility


If there’s one thing the media are currently ‘circumspect’ about in our dispensation, it would be the concept of citizen journalism. Even researchers have acknowledged the fact that Citizen Journalism has disrupted the news-media ecosystem ‘challenging the veracity and representativeness of information flowing from mainstream news-media newsrooms’.

Before now, the mainstream media served as sole gatekeepers where the reporters defined what stories make the headlines and when. But not anymore! The ordinary citizens like you have taken the job! And it’s just with your gadget.

Contemporary media technology has flipped the coin, it has morphed the news delivery system by…

‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.’ — Albert Einstein

I currently work in an education technology firm in Nigeria with a sole aim of revamping access to education and it’s modus. Expressly, let’s train the young minds to be deep independent thinkers and problem solvers and still not leave the confines of the curriculum rather than our present-day traditional pedagogy — facts and figures. To be leaders of their tomorrow, they must possess the ability to think and make sense of whatever information they receive.

Speaking retrospectively, I have once not…

But the media and community have big roles to put it to check

In addition to the roller coaster of events as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic making the headlines daily across the world, there seem to be a form of silence to other persistent pandemics besetting the global sphere like suicide. Let’s begin with an elementary definition. Suicide simply means ending one’s life typically as a way to escape pain or suffering- a constant reality. Some regard suicide as an individual signalling a call for help or the last call for help. …

Abigail Olajire

A budding researcher with a keen interest in the media and developmental policies that has the propensity to spur growth

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